3 novel ways to lengthen your days

     Health is on everyone’s agenda, right?  It’s the most common subject anymore, no matter where you look….news, books, conversations, magazines, websites.  Check out the rows at Barnes & Noble–hundreds of books on health and wellness.

To me, “health-i-ness” means I’m feeling good, I have lots of energy, and I don’t need a doctor’s care.  But I also think that a healthy lifestyle can mean “living longer.”  My mom lived to 93, and I want to beat her by living till I’m at least 95.  A lot of folks are living quality lives into their nineties now.

Here are my 3 novel, or little-known ways you can make your healthy life last years longer.  I’m trying to find ways to achieve these myself.

  • Smile more often.  The journal Psychological Science published a study that pointed to longer lives of those
  • who smiled more.  They said that smiling improves your mood, boosting your immune system, and lowering stress.  Healthier…happier…. 
  • Floss every day.  32% of Americans do not floss, which means that their systems carry bacteria that is trapped between teeth, causing inflamed gums.  Gingivitis, a gum disease, can be linked to increased risks heart attack and stroke.  Flossing lowers the risk of dying younger.
  • Sit up straight.  Can’t you just hear your mom yelling right now?  She was right you know, (aren’t moms always right?).  Your heart and lungs are supported by your skeletal structure, so having good posture means that you breathe better and have a healthier heart.   Chin up, shoulders relaxed, toes pointing straight.  Atten-hut!!

Let me say it, right here:  I’m going for it!  Right now, I’m sitting up straight, as I floss my teeth, with a wide smile!!  Can you do all that?

This list, about living longer, could be longer itself….What do you think?

Leave a comment about what you think are the 3 most important things to health and living longer?

Big hugs,




4 thoughts on “3 novel ways to lengthen your days

  1. Hi Ruby,
    It’s Elvia Loweree. Started reading your website. Very good tips on living healthy and longer. To me it helps to:
    Have a great support group of family and friends.
    Getting enough sleep even if you can during the day.
    Not eating anything in the evening after 6:30. I feel better when I go to bed. My stomach is not that full and prevents me having indigestion and discomfort.
    Hope to see you at another get together.

    1. Elvia! So nice to hear from you. Glad you liked the reading. How are you anyway? Hope your health issues have done a 180…

  2. i saw a 103 old lady getting interview ..n she was asked wats ur secret abt long living n she say well….dnt hurry life live one day at a time n enjoy everyday day u wake up in da morning, n make it happy n joyful..set an example by been a happy soul help others dat can’t smile n say life is great teach them dat life is only wat u make up of it…most important is family do things together get out there n enjoy nature flowers the breeze the sun the rain walk run in da fields n touch nature . breath early natural oxygen dat dat only comes at dawn n breath it deeply…laugh as much as u can n love lots of fresh veggies n fresh fruits get plenty of rest b ready to face life … n call God’s name n thank him for allowing you another wonderfully day…

    1. Aw, Maria….those are beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. Especially the last, because if we don’t have a thankful heart, so much of the good stuff can pass our notice. You think? Good to hear from you :>)

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