Wild! flowers

Look at all those wildflowers….”

“Oh, man, those flowers are sooo beautiful…”

“I can’t BELIEVE there are so many WILDflowers!!!”

My exclamations drove my family crazy, years ago, when we rolled through the “hill country” of central Texas during the spring.

Wildflowers abounding on each side of the highway, my sight was overwhelmed and my mind did a flip, wondering, “how could there be some many colorful flowers in one area?”

Having lived in West Texas all my life, I was so used to the brown of the desert ( I know, it does have its unique beauty), that I was just blown away by nature’s flamboyance.

Now we live here in central TX.  We miss the desert, yes, but I still get a rush from the springtime’s colorful floral display along the roads and in the niches.  I really enjoy photographing the little happy flower-faces.

My favorite thing, besides taking pix of them, is to give fresh flowers to my neighbor or my friend.   Picked from my garden

or the grocery store, stuck in a jelly jar…simple, yet amazing.

Here’s a daisy just for you,


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