Get in line for freebies

HI there!!

I hope you’re fully recuperated from your 4th of July celebrations.  You may feel like our doggy-friend, here….

So much sun and heat!  Did you eat too many hot dogs?  So much laughter, picnicking, and then, the finale: fireworks!  *whew*

Like the title says, “get in line.”  I’m going to be offering up some cool items, like an awesome book, a tool that’s handy, and one-of-a-kind earrings.  All you need to do is, sign up to receive my posts automatically.   I’m hoping you will enjoy reading the blog.  And I won’t, repeat….will not…be trying to sell you anything.  Promise.

One of the reasons I want to figure this blogging-thing out, is to keep in touch with my friends, make new ones, and have fun fostering our friendships.  We can learn from each other :>)

Look at the right hand column of the home page, at http://unaskdforadvice.com/contact-me.   There’ll be a box for your email address.  In this easy way, we can be in touch on a regular basis.

I have so many ideas I think you’ll enjoy reading about, like: healthy foods, fashion hacks, books worth reading, inspirational thoughts, and more!  If you’ll leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the post, I can get an idea what you liked, so I can write more like it.

I’ll have more info next time, on that freebie that I really think you will like.  Till then, be safe and God bless.



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