Keeping cool with sun tea

Hey there!!

I hope you have a cool spot to sit and wait out the heat spell.   Oh, but don’t forget to drink lots of liquids. 

I love to make “sun tea“.  Do you remember?  Put the pitcher with tea bags in the sun and let the flavors infuse.

I like to use a flavored tea, like orange cinnamon or lemon zinger, along with either green or black tea (I know

green tea is healthy, but I prefer the taste of strong black tea).

In this pic, I have four bags of black tea and four bags of raspberry zinger tea…isn’t that neat, how it’s “bleeding” into

the clear water?

After an hour or two, your tea is ready.  Add lots of ice to your glass, a spoonful of stevia if you like it sweetened, and

a sprig of peppermint if that suits you.  And refill your glass often, since we need to drink 8 or so glasses a day.  I

know there’s been other commentary about that, but keep drinking anyway!  :>)

Don’t let the heat keep you in under the air conditioning all day.  Go out in the cool of the day, in the shade of a tree, awning or the side of the

house.  Usually, before eleven a.m. and after 7-ish p.m. is comfortable to be out in the yard, with your iced sun tea.  You can take your laptop to

work, or your phone to catch up on calls.   Call me, I’m ready to chat.  Or…leave a comment below.  I am sooo enjoying the comments you’re

sending…so keep ’em rollin’ in!

   I enjoy my backyard when I can, watching the birds fly by, and splashing my feet in the swimming pool to cool off.  And drinking sun tea with Bob.  Here I am by the water, being  glamorous :>).

Hope your summer is funnnnn!



2 thoughts on “Keeping cool with sun tea

  1. Thanks for the encouragement to stop and smell the …. Peppermint Tea!

    One can add green tea to the black tea, a squeeze of lemon, and /xylitol ! instead of Stevia. Xylitol is naturally produced (even by our own bodies) and acts as natural fiber. So, …. be careful with the sweetening until your body is accustomed to it. There are so many healthful benefits to Xylitol that I could go on and on and on… but this is NOT about Xylitol, its about “kickin’ back” and ‘njoying your time in the shade with your tea!

    More on the Green Tea: it actually boosts the effectiveness of antibiotics by a HUGE amount, esp. with a squirt of lemon / lime juice!

    1. You could write a blog about xylitol and I will publish it. Stevia is plant-based, not a “sweetener”. My doc even says that it’s good. It doesn’t have
      the “side effects” of xylitol and tastes much better. Sorry, I gave it a long trial…But, like you say…this is about staying cool and hydrating. Thanks for the green tea info! As always, dear friend, I love hearing from my very smart, favorite, dental professional! (Can I say “tooth lady”?) :>)

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