How to: bring in Mother Nature

Bring the outdoors in by arranging green cuttings from your gardens. Use shiny cut glass vases (I find mine at Goodwill!) that will reflect the sunshine and add brightness.

Here’s how to make an awesome arrangement of cut greens for your bedside table or dining table:

-Choose a large clear vase, and fill it with clear cool tap water. Set it aside at the sink, to have it ready for when you bring your clippings in.

-Get your garden clippers, because regular scissors won’t be strong enough for the branch-size clippings. If you don’t have garden clippers, try wire snips.

-Go outside and look around your landscape and gardens for what you want to bring indoors. Cut lengths of about 12″-18″ of a shrub or tree. I used photonia, but maple, oak or pine would be pretty too.

-Cut shorter, 12″ lengths of ivy, purple jew, coleus, or caladium. You’ll need twice as many of these as the branch clippings.

-Then cut even slightly shorter lengths, about 10″, of herbs, such as sage, basil, or peppermint, or if you have roses, sunflowers or other flowers. You’ll again need about twice as many as the tall branches.

-Bring all your clippings inside right away to get them in water immediately, to where your vase is at the sink.

-Start with the longer, woody tree or shrub clippings. Pull off the lower leaves. Stand them up in the center.

-Next, pull off the lower leaves of the 12″ lengths of purple jew, ivy, coleus or caladium and place in the vase, on the sides of the taller clippings, rotating the vase as you place them in around the tall branches, making a “rounded” look.

-Then place the shorter flowers and herbs in the spaces on the sides.

-Don’t worry about it all being “symmetrical”…Nature doesn’t grow that way.  Change the water after four or five days, and if any stems are looking “mushy” replace them with new ones.  Some of your cuttings well actually grow roots, so don’t be surprised!

Enjoy your taste of Mother Nature indoors.  It’s good for your air quality in the home, as well as being pleasing to the mind.

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