The string to my balloon

 Before any further ado, you need to meet my biggest supporter:  Bob.  Isn’t that a great name!  As a child he was called Bobby.  Today, his accounting clients and business associates call him Robert or R.K.

He’s the “string to my balloon”, the anchor to my drifting ship; he keeps me grounded. I keep him amused.  And on  his toes 😉

We married thirty-eight years ago, with four little children, ages 4 to 12, walking down the aisle with us.  Two families + one love + faith.    Wow, what a ride!!  They have been the champions in our lives and helped us to grow and be strong.  They are grown now and still filling our lives with their love.  You’ll hear more about our family in the future, including kiddo-number-five: Robert Jr.

Bob has made a lifelong career of helping others get their finances in order, while keeping our family provided for.  He’s highly respected by his clients, because he’s a pretty smart guy.  His advice has helped many small businesses grow to become very profitable.

Since the very beginning–the “I do”– until even now,  we’re still raising kids!  Jakob, our 16-year old grandson/son, shares our home and brightens our days.

So now you know the guy behind the blogger.  Bob is in my corner, rooting for me, even helping with this blog.  I’m proud and happy to introduce you to this amazing guy!!

Do you have an anchor, a cheerleader, an amazing person in your life?  Leave a comment and tell me how having that person’s support has helped you.  I’d love to hear about that!!


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