What we Love

It’s an old proverb… “what we love tells us who we are.” At times we are unsure of ourselves, asking “who am I?” or “who have I turned out to be?”

I certainly have had battles with that “squeaky little critic voice” that surveys my thoughts, feelings and intentions and my self asks me the same daunting questions. A glance at my “loves” helps me find a sense of being grounded.  I am, who I am, a creation of the Almighty first of all.  Unique and not common.

Not without flaws, but with great purpose.

What I love can perhaps be found in my “collections”, that have actually been packed up and taken with me every time I moved.

Here’s a short list:     

heart-shaped rocks – somehow erosion and unknown forces carve a piece of stone into the symbol for love     

pine cones and shells – huge symmetry and design on a small, earthly scale     

feathers – a piece of a winged-one’s wardrobe fluttered to earth to be captured by this admirer

What collections  do you own?  Or what are your favorites?

Some of mine are                                                                                …  the sound of rushing water

… the subtle smile on a dog’s face






… an “ordinary”, amazing sunset

This isn’t my complete list of collections and faves, by far.  But I wanted to share my lists with you, to start you thinking about what you love.

How do they describe the original and one-and-only YOU?

Leave a comment and tell me your list of three favorites or your collections.  I’m excited to hear about who you are.

Lots of hugs, Ruby

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